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Sunday morning: 830am I received a text asking if I wanted to hang out with these two distinguished gentleman and their new whips. 3 hours later I show up and Todd is in what appears to be a 100% humidity induced sweat like the kind you only see in the south. He yells “Hey buddy!” and Wes just laughs and says I made it just in time to see Todd working a sweat over getting a tire onto his rim. Both bikes are still on the stands with parts missing and all I could think was that I messed up in telling my girl that I’d be back in just a couple of hours. But it’s Sunday so c’est la vie! I trusted that these two experienced dudes would get these together with time to spare.¬†After a couple of hours¬†the guys finally got done and we head out to get some quick pics of the Scout twins before these guys have a chance to wear off that new bike smell. Prepare to have your mind blown by these sick Nukeproof Scout custom builds. These bikes look amazing and the geometry is set for some downhill fun. Look for these two (probably together) Nukeproof trail bikes to be out terrorizing our fine local PDX trails this spring. We’ll follow up with a full build and ride report in the near future. Neither of these two have ridden hard tails in forever so I’m sure they will have some stories to tell after their first couple of rides. Stay tuned!

Todd's Rig

Todd’s Rig

Todd Installing Pedal Pins

"This looks about right! I haven't installed one of these before."

“This looks about right! I haven’t installed one of these before.”

Todd doing a quick safety/nut bolt check on MLK

Todd doing a quick safety/nut bolt check on MLK



The Twins Hi-5 Collage

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