Team Race Recap: NW Cup #2 / Pro Grt #1

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Pro Grt #1 / NW Cup #2 – Dry Hill

Port Angeles, WA

05/13 – 05/15/16


Team Hi-5 Bikes had an amazing weekend attending the most recent NW Cup stop #2 in Port Angeles, Wa. From Friday being a dry, dusty day at Dry Hill; to weather throwing a curveball mid day Sunday making qualifying for the pro’s a bit slimy. To all out perfect riding conditions on Sunday, making racing tight for all classes.



Sarah and Nick performing goofy Hi-5 tendencies of bathroom usage and modeling.. These two are quite the team combo and great fun to be around on and off the trail!


nwc2_saturdaypractice-619Pro Men’s  rider Corey Craig had a crash but managed to still pin it into 51st out of 60 with a time of 2:48:37nwc2_saturdaypractice-620Pro Men’s rider Jonathan Allyn had a quick break from his studies at Washington State University to come out and race. He had a few mistakes in qualifying that would sit him out of this round of the NW Cup. However he was glad to make it out to visit old friends, and have some great times on the course at Dry Hill. He is looking forward to getting more time on the bike while studying hard. nwc2_raceday-215 nwc2_raceday-211Cat 1 Men’s 19-29 rider Rye Livingston pulling into 8th out of 46 riders with a time of 2:56:89nwc2_raceday-319Cat 1 Men’s 30-39 rider Jesse Murdock stepped into 11th out of 21 riders with a time of 3:14:38nwc2_raceday-727



nwc2_raceday-24Cat 2 Men’s 15-18 rider Gordo Albisurez was throwing whips and keeping the track stylish and fast all weekend. He ended up 9th out of 34 with a time of 3:19:08.nwc2_saturdaypractice-371

nwc2_saturdaypractice-507Cat 2 Men’s 19-29 rider Nick Lerma stepped into 16th place out of 42 racers with a time of 3:25:12.nwc2_saturdaypractice-117

nwc2_raceday-624Cat 2 Men’s 40-49 rider Brent Smith looked stylish and hauled all weekend! He raced into 10th place with a time of 3:41:02 beating rival local Schmitty…nwc2_saturdaypractice-665


nwc2_raceday-949Pro Women’s racer Kerstin Holster had a stacked class and in her first pro year moved into 9th place out of 19 riders with a time of 3:23:98.nwc2_raceday-695


nwc2_saturdaypractice-374Cat 2 Women’s 19+ racer Sarah Olsen after coming back from a year of injury, she has been moving up in the ranks and broke into the top 5 with a time of 3:53:13, 5th out of 19.nwc2_saturdaypractice-1061 nwc2_saturdaypractice-1071We all are looking forward to the next NW Cup race stop #3 at Skibowl on 5/27 – 5/29/2016!nwc2_raceday-42

Thank you to our sponsors for continued support during the 2016 racing season! Hi-5 Bikes, Transition Bikes, Fox Racing Shox, Stan’s NoTubes, Loam Coffee, Fulcrum Fitness, Troy Lee Designs and Ruandy Albisurez Photography.

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