Silver Mountain is open for the season!

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Being located on the east side this summer I thought I’d spend the day over at the opening of Silver Mountain Bike Park in Kellogg, ID. I raced here one or two times before and I remember the amazing dirt, no lines, no people, and way to much single track. Though at the time riding Silver on a downhill bike was a bit overkill. Now a few years later I’m pretty impressed with the trails they’ve put in. Today I was riding some seriously steep dh trails and hitting some pretty decent sized jumps as well, all on freshly built, freshly packed dirt. The bike park team has built two new trails that I probably rode 7 or 8 times combined today, which were Hot Mess, and Frankenbeans. Both are steep barely roughed in dh trails. These two aren’t your average whistler ‘tech’ trail that is 6 ft wide and you can just jump all the gnarly stuff in one hop if you really want, these trails were like something you wouldn’t expect to find a bike park. Hammer was the other one that I found to be pretty fun as well that goes from the top the bottom (3400 ft of vert). The blues were good too, something you’d rather be on your trail bike for and just cruising through the woods and slashing some berms. I think in the next few seasons this place is going to really blow up with trails, right now I’d consider it one of the most underrated bike parks in the northwest, though it’s no Whistler, it does have more vert and trails than Stevens and if you happen to be on the east side or driving through on I-5, I’d definitely suggest stopping and checking it out. The only negative I found about the park is gondola is pretty slow (25mins to the top) and so is the other chair they have open, but it’s better than hiking. I’ll leave you with a few pictures from Hot Mess, just a taste of the goods Silver has to offer this early in the season. Get it while the getting is good!




fitting in snug in the gondola


Upper mountain map, I suggest Hammer/Lower Hammer or Hot mess and Frankenbeans, wide open is good fun too.


Lower mountain trails


a lot of empty hills over here in Idaho….. needs bike trails on them all.


Cant tell from the picture but this was actually pretty steep


about a 15ft step down onto the road if you’ve got the balls


Cant tell you enough how awesome the fresh dirt is here. Ride where you please.


15ft wide world cup rake and ride section, so many lines!



Go to for more info, they’ve also got a summer race series going on that should be pretty fun.




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