Riding Eichler Again!

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Its taken almost 500+ hours to get Eichler to the point I think people searching out jumps will begin to notice. Yeah, Eichler Park, its got a terrible reputation via word of mouth. But hey- check out my photos from buffing the place out today and tell me whatcha think.


I’m looking forward to the Fall weather and continuing to ‘fine-tune’ the line. Brian Shelton and Zach Rabin have been tire-less in finishing this project.

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Huge thanks to Brian Shelton and Zach Rabin’s Crew for always working on the park. Shout out to NWTA’s Joe Rykowski for his ‘behind-the-scenes’ work too. Make sure to use the #eichlerbikepark if you have anything to report or to share! Thank you!

-Mike Estes

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