Race Recap: NW Cup #5 Stevens Pass, WA

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NW Cup #5

Stevens Pass, WA

7/31/15 – 8/2/15


At Stevens Pass for round 5 of the NW Cup Hi-5 Bikes riders Justin, Shelby, Jeremy, Kerstin, Rachel and Gordo battled the elements to chase the podium spots.

Gordo Albisurez

Gordo Albisurez

Cat 2 Mens racer Gordo Albisurez had an amazing time this weekend, shredding it up with local friends in Stevens Pass. He dialed in his race run and decided to continue the fun on trails like Likin it to Lovin It and PBR. On Gordo’s race run he washed out on some rocks putting him in 20th place with a time of 4:07:48. Gordo is currently in 8th for overall points. He is looking forward to giving it another go at the NW Cup Finals on September 13th.

Rachel Jones rocking some 'Merica shorts!

Rachel Jones rocking some ‘Merica shorts!

Cat 2 Women’s racer Rachel Jones showed up to Stevens with a previous injury from the CDC in Yacolt, WA. Although her attempt to ride practice didn’t feel so great she kept a positive attitude and stuck around to take photos, videos and heckle all the rest of us though our runs. Hope you heal fast Rachel!


Rye Livingston



Cat 2 Men’s racer Rye Livingston changed out his destroyed rims from Ski Bowl for Stevens Pass. He practiced all day Friday, dialed in his lines Saturday and gave it his all Sunday morning. Rye took 7th place with a time of 3:30:26. He had missed a couple lines in the forest but kept it pinned for the rest of the race. Rye is currently in 3rd place for the overall series points.


Kerstin Holster

Cat 1 Women’s Racer Kerstin Holster felt really good about the course all weekend. Took course walks and extra measures to dial in her run. During her race run she lost her front wheel in the rock garden, which took a a bit off her time. She ended up in 4th with a 4:16:22. She was very frustrated with how the run went but remained positive and is still in the overall series points lead. She can’t wait for the next two NW Cup races.


Jeremy Dirk

Cat 2 Men’s racer Jeremy Dirk smashed through the course and was keeping the laughs flowing all weekend. Jeremy took 9th place with a time of 3:45:04, he is currently in 7th place for overall points.


Pro Women’s racer Shelby Reilly showed up in her Jeep Thursday afternoon and patiently waited for the course to open on Friday. After plenty of practice runs and pbr runs she landed in 4th place with a time of 3:55:58. Shelby is currently in 2nd for overall points.

Justin Fernandes

Justin Fernandes


Cat 1 Men’s racer Justin Fernandes was attacking the trail on his Banshee Darkside. Blowing up berms and charging the rock gardens, Justin took 2nd place with a flying time of 3:20:13. Justin is currently in 4th place in overall points.


That sums up our last race weekend at Stevens Pass. We will see you all at Silver Mountain next weekend!

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Big thank you to Ruandy Albisurez for the awesome photos check him out on Instagram @pnw_roo or his website www.ralbisurez.com

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