Race Recap: NW Cup # 4 Ski Bowl

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North West Cup Round #4 – Mt. Hood Ski Bowl

July 10-12, 2015


Checking back into the races at the NW Cup round 4 Ski Bowl. This racing venue is not only hard on the riders but also on the bikes. With fast rocky shoots, blown out berms, shale-slate gardens, to the forest where ever line and second counts. This round at Ski Bowl the Hi-5 Bikes Downhill racing team pulled it together and managed to land some podium spots while having an awesome time!

Pro Mens racer Corey Craig

Pro Mens racer Corey Craig

Pro Men’s rider Corey Craig gave it his all this weekend, still charging hard through the blown out course. Corey had gotten a flat tire during his race run but is still in 39th out of 82 pro men for overall points.


Cat 2 racer Gordo Albisurez

Cat 2 15-18 racer Gordo Albisurez had a really fun time this weekend relearning how brutal Ski Bowl can be. Gordo placed 7th, which leads him to 8th place for the overall.

Cat 1 Womens racer Kerstin Holster

Cat 1 Womens racer Kerstin Holster




Cat 1 Women’s Open rider Kerstin Holster had a hard crash on Friday leaving her with a sprained ankle and thumb, Saturday she had a mechanical and was unable to finish practice. However on Sunday she grabbed 1st place, setting her up for 1st in the overall.

Cat 1 racer Jeremy Dirk

Cat 1 racer Jeremy Dirk

Cat 1 Mens racer Jeremy Dirk had a great time practicing and racing this weekend. He tore through the lines and ended up in 6th place. Putting himself in 9th for the overall points.


Cat 2 racer Jesse Murdock


Cat 2 Mens rider Jesse Murdock “Mobbin’ Murdock” railed down the Cat 2 course, blowing up berms and keeping that awesome TR500 pinned. Jesse had a slide out on the first corner of his race run but he managed to keep the rubberside down for the rest of the race leading him to the number 2 spot of the podium only with 2 seconds between him and 1st. Jesse is currently 2nd in overall points.





Cat 2 Womens racer Rachel Jones had a great time during practice both Friday and Saturday and is known for roaming around in her pink crocs. During her race run she took a spill and had blood flowing out of her arm. She held it together to land on the podium against the odds! Rachel ended up in 3rd place, she is currently in 5th place for overall points.

Rye Livingston

Rye Livingston



Cat 2 Mens 19-29 racer Rye Livingston rode his Guerilla Gravity DH bike all weekend on XC rims. Although they are very light and agile, Ski Bowl is one of the many places you want a DH rim, he put multiple dings and dents in them but the rims made it until race day and he laded himself 3rd place. He is in 2nd place for overall points.


Pro Womens racer Shelby Reilly


Pro Women’s Open rider Shelby Reilly gave it her all race day resulting in a huge victory with a winning time of 4:52:64. She is currently in 3rd place for overall points. We can’t wait to see how the rest of Shelby’s season goes!


That is it for the Hi-5 Bikes Team NW Cup #4 recap. Stay tuned to see how the rest of the season goes!

Thank you to Hi-5 Bikes, Royal Racing, 7 Protection, Ride100percent, Banshee Bikes, Transition Bikes, The Gravity Cartel, Industry Nine, Fox SuspensionChris King Precision Components and Ruandy Albisurez for the photos check him out on instagram @pnw_roo .

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