NW Cup 1 Photo Epic

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I spent the weekend up at Port Angeles, WA for the first stop of the NW Cup and Pro GRT. ┬áThere were hundreds of racers, it was pretty insane. These images by no means sum up the weekend but I hope they give you a glimpse of what you missed out on if you weren’t there. A big thanks to Hi-5 Bikes for all the awesome support to all their team racers and the parents of racers like myself. ┬áHere’s to a great racing season!nwcup_photoepic-11 nwcup_photoepic-19 nwcup_photoepic-8 nwcup_photoepic-35 nwcup_photoepic-9 nwcup_photoepic-10 nwcup_photoepic-12 nwcup_photoepic-6 nwcup_photoepic-2 nwcup_photoepic-3 nwcup_photoepic-7 nwcup_photoepic-4 nwcup_photoepic-13 nwcup_photoepic-15 nwcup_photoepic-20 nwcup_photoepic-18 nwcup_photoepic-21 nwcup_photoepic-14 nwcup_photoepic-29 nwcup_photoepic-31 nwcup_photoepic-27 nwcup_photoepic-34 nwcup_photoepic-26 nwcup_photoepic-22 nwcup_photoepic-25 nwcup_photoepic-24 nwcup_photoepic-16 nwcup_photoepic-30 nwcup_photoepic-17 nwcup_photoepic-28 nwcup_photoepic-23 nwcup_photoepic-38 nwcup_photoepic-40 nwcup_photoepic-41 nwcup_photoepic nwcup_photoepic-42 nwcup_photoepic-37 nwcup_photoepic-36 nwcup_photoepic-39

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