Moving to Bellingham

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0912151315Over the summer, my wife and I moved to Bellingham.  It has been a great change for us, and I could go on about it for quite a while.  However, it seems like it has pointed out a very tricky balance that many of our friends are dealing with, and which we struggled for a long time.  Most of us ride bikes because it is our passion.  Our jobs may be something that we do to pay the bills and make our hobby happen, or they may be deeply important to us.  Either way, most of the people I know see to have their fire fueled by mountain biking and the outdoors, and their bank account fueled by their job.  With Seattle becoming an increasingly crazy place, where getting out to the mountains can take hours, and land access is always under a spotlight; this balance between work, life, and fun seems to be getting more tenuous every day.

0908151815More and more it seems like folks are choosing to be a little unhappy in the present, with the idea that in the long run they will have a greater share of the rad pie.  Is this a bad thing?  I don’t know.  On one hand, the theory is pretty sound; a little discomfort in the short term with a big pay off out in the future.  For us, it just led to stress. And stress led to unhappiness, which got all chicken and egg with leading back to stress.  Stress sucks.  Life is short.  We can’t all be pro athletes, or travel writers, but I think everyone can make some choices that will lead them to happiness now, not in 10 years.

We found ours in Bellingham, I hope you already have yours, if not, go find it.  My mom used to say, “Everything in moderation.”  I think she is right, everything in moderation, except happiness, lots of happiness.

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