King of Cannonball DH at Skibowl

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Not sure if you heard- but there was a DH race at Skibowl on the Upper Bowl DH track. A 4 hour jam descending down the new section of trail called ‘Fireball’ which was loamy, steep and fast before leading you out to the skyline road. Of course the fun really begins there- charging down ‘Cannonball’ at nuclear speeds. $25 for an uplift ticket (unless your a pass holder) another $5 goes to OBRA and then heres the painful step $30 for race entry. $60 bucks goes real fast these days.


My goal was to get in 6 runs. We got no practice so your inspection run was timed. If I could get 6 runs that would be $10 bucks per run, so away I went focused to get a step because my class had the most sign ups. Yeah- 17 racers total signed up, but 5 of them were Cat 1 40+! Ed Reilly, Todd Olsen, Brad Delzer, Mike Paulino (former pro DH racer) and I jokingly made fun of each other non-stop. Run after run, I slowly took risks. I knocked out a 1:54 thinking to myself “Dam, I dunno if I can beat that” I look at the board only to discover I’m a good 5 seconds off Delzer and Paulino. I look down at my hands, they are screaming sensitive, huge blisters have developed and I humbly acknowledge defeat. No gold medal for me, I begin to check the board and I psych myself out- thinking Olsen beat me and I’m in 4th. But NO, NO, NO, I mis-read the board and took 3rd! (it was like rainbows and sunshine in my head!)




There were a couple of pro’s there, but I can’t exactly recall their names, oh, both of them claim to be a┬áteam of robots, thats right, how could I forget. It was a fun race, controlled by the Czech, Czech Petr Kakes and organized by Mike Rinneman. Awards was immediate due to the turnout and the raffle was huge- a ‘raffle-lanche’ was a proper descriptive. I think I walked away with 8 t-shirts, 3 whiskey flasks and other goodies…….stoked! Got my $$ back sorta.



I hear a fat lady singing, race season is over, I have to thank my family for their amazing support, huge thanks to my supporting sponsors. Hope everyone has a great off-season and looking forward to next season. Thanks for following my race adventures!



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