Justin tests Narrow-Wide, in Bend.

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The Bend rippers have big time problems. They are always trying to take parts off of their bikes. Justin succeeds in not-guiding up!


To say that I am stoked about this new chain ring is a huge understatement…

Justin's Civi is tight unit, Hi-Standard Bend Shit.

Justin’s Civi is tight unit, Hi-Standard Bend Shit.


My Civilian started out with a 33 tooth single ring up front with a lame dorky looking plastic guide; I mean who really wants to run the plastic outside guide and be mocked on the trail, especially by Shimano guys who use a front derailleur that actually works, ha! However, I love how my x9 shifts and I switched from the dorky plastic guide and ring to some XT cranks with an E13 purple ring. Stoked by the bling… but, not by the performance.

Big toof-Little toof. SO simply and so stupid light.

Big toof-Little toof. So simply and so stupid light.


With just the stock front ring, I would drop my chain 4 or 5 times a ride. Being pissed about this was an understatement, and I almost went 2x up front just for this reason. I was actually considering a front mech over a chain guide set up? My local shop deals with Race Face and they ordered me the new Narrow Wide Chain Ring. I was skeptical and thought for sure it was time for a chain guide. At least I was just getting a new ring first. Cost of entry was as low as anything I was going to do on the bike with a guide set up. So it was worth the try…

The front drive of all these new trail bikes are NAKED!

The front drive of all these new trail bikes are NAKED!


The first ride I dropped my chain once on a pretty mellow flowy section of the trail. At this point, I was much happier since it was once, and not four times for the whole ride. Second ride out, no drops… Not a single one.

30 -ish rides out… still no dropped chains. Rocky sections, flowy sections, technical… IT DIDNT MATTER! This ring will not drop anything I ride. I am super stoked to be able to keep running a super simple and clean 1x up front and have zero chain drops. This chainring cured my issues!!!! Race Face for life!

-Justin in Bend.

Your Classic Bend Weapon of Choice.

Your Classic Bend Weapon of Choice.

PS: Justin bring that bike to Cold Creek and lets try to drop that chain there!!!

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