I got 99 problems and Enduro is 1

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Alright, I am going to get all pissed off for a second.  I like enduro, but this isn’t cool.  Recently it seems like everyone has decided that the enduro thing to do is cut the shit out of corners everywhere.  NOT COOL.  Creative lines are awesome, but if you are raping and pillaging the forest next to a trail that is mega not ok.  I will use videos to make this easy.

Nathan Rennie from back in the day = RAD

The line at the beginning of this vid = NOT RAD.  That’s called cutting the trail.  I don’t care if there is any tape there or not.

Notice how Lars stays on the trail and is awesome and fast.  That’s cool.  Be nice to the trails.  Predator has been open on tiger for 3 days and it already has a bunch of total BS lines.  Brian Connolly is going to kick your butt.


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