Dirt Church 2.28.16

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Frosty and Mylan


Banshee’s for days

With winter starting to come to a close we all felt the need to get out and blow off some steam on one of our favorite local trails. Earlier in the week we decided we needed to start getting out for more Sunday morning dirt church so we carpooled and met up at the lower parking lot for Cold Creek/Minor Threat aka Thrillium. We were about 10. Even our old friend Pat Obraza managed to make it out after not riding his bike for 2 years. We were stoked to see him back out on the trail again and shredding his bike.

Once we were all grouped at the trail we got the vehicle situation situated and headed up to the upper part  of the trail. The morning started off foggy with some light rain and some wind. We made the push up to the towers and after a short break we dropped in and made our way down the upper section which was a little slick to say the least. We also came across some snow up near the top as well. After blasting the upper section we had a brief photo stop on Flintstones and were having too much fun to stop anywhere else along the way. Dirt was great! A few puddles here and there but good traction and enough moisture thrown in for some reasonably predictable drifts through the berms, definitely kept us on our toes.

Once at the bottom and some vehicle regrouping 2 more laps were run before calling it a day. Covered in mud and happy to have spent the day shredding one of the best local trails and hanging out having fun with the rest of the Hi-5 crew we cleaned up, loaded up and made our ways back to civilization. Can’t wait to get back out there with everyone and have some more dirt church functions! We have some of the raddest local riders and terrain around so get out and ride people!



Mylans shock and awe after his first run down the trail


Welcome Back Pat!!!

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