Cold Creek 6-21 Report

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For those of you in the greater Hi-5 Bikes and Vancouver area I hope you are familiar with the likes of Cold Creek and Thrillium. I’m on the war path with my gut so I recently sold my DH bike and picked up a super sexy Banshee Spitfire from the raddest bike shop in the Milky Way!  So I grabbed my dog and made my way up Murphs Grade to the top of the middle of Cold Creek today. (Give me a break, I’m still conditioning!) Here are a few pictures from the climb up the grade, which happens to be littered with flowers and berry bushes as well as some spider webs.

View on the way up Murph's Grade.

View on the way up Murph’s Grade.

Wild flowers are out with a vengeance! Allergy sufferers don't forget your pills!! (like I did today)

Wild flowers are out with a vengeance! Allergy sufferers don’t forget your pills!! (like I did today)

The ride up wasn’t bad as the weather was pretty mellow today. Not very wet at all either. I cruised up at a leisurely pace because really thats the only climbing pace I can put out. So I guess theoretically I was pinning it on the climb…and it only took me about 45 mins to get to the top :D  Once at the top I took a little break. Regained my composure, put my knee pads on and took my suspension out of “climb” mode. Tomasa (the name given to my trusty black steed that comes from an old spanish dance song) was ready to shred the hell out of the trail. But not until I pulled out my multi tool and lowered my seat down, I’m working on a dropper post so don’t think I was blind to their existence. Once I started my descent…WOW. Trail conditions are SOOO SOOO fast right now! All the rain last week did a body good. There’s a few wet spots but as long as you’re hauling ass you won’t even know they were there til you stop and realize there is mud splash on you. But who cares! This is the PNW and that’s how we roll, rain or shine.

I just want to add that although I had fallen in love previously with my Spitfire and the build I had put on her I recently decided to move my stem up one spacer….annnnnd I re-fell for her on this last descent! I guess I hadn’t had a trail bike in so long that I was brain dead there for a bit. What a difference a quarter inch made! I rode at least 20 mph faster than I had ridden her before. I had such a fun ride!

So the moral of the story is get out there and shred Cold Creek! It’s perfect right now and it dares you to come and rip its face off in an MMA fight. It knows more than one style and it’s going to throw everything it’s got at you to try and beat you into submission. Just watch out for the horse(???) poop on Murphs Grade during the climb.

Cheers and happy shredding!

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