By the numbers

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My Banshee Spitfire weighs in at 28.1lbs. It is an XL with 140mm of travel, a 66° head angle, and a 13″ bottom bracket height. The long 25.2″ top tube is linked to perfect 17″ chainstays, which hold onto totally rally 650b x 142mm i9 wheels. Up front, the 2015 Fox 36 Float RC2 is 10mm shorter in the axle to crown than previous models, allowing it to run 170mm of travel with the same axle to crown as a 160mm fork. Its also a feather light 4.2lbs and can run either 20mm or 15mm axles.

The point: all these numbers are great, but there is no number to quantify how rad bikes are! Go ride!

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