Big New Features at Stubbs Stewart State Park

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Mondays are good for riding bikes in the metro-PDX area. One of the best is the Stubbs State Stewart State Park out near Veronia, Oregon. A short 30 min drive from Beaverton. (Normally, A State Fee of $5 is required) but the tumbleweeds at the Drytop Day Use Area usually are a good sign you can ride without any worry of receiving the dreaded ‘fine’ for failure to pay. But those who fear ‘trail karma’ should definitely pay or attend the numerous Work Parties hosted by the Westside Trail Federation. (Details are always on the NWTA website).


The day after the ‘Hawks lose the Super Bowl to Tom Brady and the Deflatriots I had to get some trail time. I ventured out with Baker (dog) for a quick lap on the XC trails that were built by NWTA advocate Joe Rykowski. Really fun trails with root challenges, declination changes, lots of turns, climbs, steeps and natural blasters to jump await.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 5.33.52 PM

(screen shot of a video clip)

During a particular hard push up a climb I felt a slip of my chain and I eased off, came to stop and looked down. Behold my eyes I see my chain is nearly busted. I’ve been riding for 40 minutes now. Baker was happy to finally stop and lay down in the nearest mud puddle as if it was a spa for dogs. He then pants, drinks a few gulps of water, pants some more, drinks. He looks quickly to the left and see’s a squirrel. He literally bolts after it. I cheer him on, Get him Baker!


I carefully, gingerly peddle. I walk up pretty much to the top of the ‘Freeride Area’ of the SS Trails. “Greenhorn” is the best trail on the sloppy days, its berms, tabled jumps, mostly ┬áBERMS! Fun warm-up runs. I decide to hike back up now that I ‘remember’ all the features as its been a few months. 2nd time down it, I got loose as a goose, but rode it like it was intended. I almost crashed a couple of times. I fondly remember skidding outta control into a berm and dabbing myself right back onto the line recovering easily.



Knowing my chain was about to fail, I decided to ride out- while riding back out I notice a perfectly constructed crib blaster going over the road. I’m blown away- finally really bike bike worthy stuff here. So I walk up the trail and find two brand new gap to gap jumps above this new ‘Road Gap’ and I excitedly walked down the trail and saw more gap jumps leading to a gorgeous ladder drop. I debated shooting it- but the low light on my GoPro would just be a blur. I will be back! (but bringing my dual crown, big bike and lots of water, a food ration, my camera with backup power) and I’m gonna make a sweet video of the improvements.


And to the ass-hat last night, who said “Teams have lost the SB on the one yard line before” as Wilson does just that in the following play- You jinxed the game, Thanks.



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