Behind the Scenes: Welcome to the Darkside

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Recently ReilShiftMedia and I teamed up to put together an edit to basically say thanks to Banshee and the Hi-5 team and all the other sponsors for putting our whole program last year and to celebrate the first year of the new team. I had the idea of filming at my two favorite spots, one was Summit Ridge Freeride Park in Black Diamond, WA which is only a matter of minutes from my house and what I consider my local zone. Summit Ridge has been my go to riding spot since I started really getting into DH back when I was like 15, it’s where I met most of the riders who have  mentored me to where I am today. With probably over 100 laps on Gannonball at the park I figured it’d be a good place to showcase my favorite thing to do on a bike, huck stuff. Even that last jump in the edit which I hit for the first time the day we were filming.

The other location is one of my new personal west side favorites just outside Bellingham, one of the mountain bike meccas of the I-5 corridor. Picture loam (or duff if you read TeamRobot alot) everywhere and you can just plow through the woods in whatever direction you want. All the trails have simply just been made by a moto and then ridden in by pure repetition. Teammate Nate and I have had some pretty fun 15-20 run days of just pounding out laps and riding our faces into the ground. I also got my Darkside dialed in on these trails too since the trails aren’t really technical at all, they’re just fast and loose so you don’t need a full blown DH bike but feel a little under gunned on  a 150mm trail bike so the Darkside naturally was a perfect mix of the two.

Now for anyone who’s ever done some filming you know there’s a huge difference between the final product and what went on behind the scenes. For example this two minute video took about 15 hours of filming and who knows how many hours of editing Reilly did. Seeing the finished product on the internet is always worth it. That two second cable cam shot also took us about an hour and half to get a shot worth using. Looking back on it I’m kind of surprised how well this edit turned out with what little planning we did, we just kinda walked around in the woods and shot whatever came to mind and Reilly was able to find some awesome angles and use his Hollywood magic to put together this banger. So without further to do here’s the edit! Enjoy!

Full screen that bad boy for the full experience.

Huge thanks to Reilshiftmedia for putting this together, you can follow Reilly or get in contact with him at

Thanks to all these guys as well: Banshee Bikes, Ride 100%, Industry Nine, Raceface, Fox Suspension, Hi-5 Bikes


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