2015 NW Cup Hopefulls

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Vancouver, WA local Ruandy Albisurez (aka Gordo) is getting ready for this years NW Cup. Some of you may have seen him around at one of our local trails, Thrillium more than likely. He doesn’t say much unless you happen to run into him when he is with his partner in crime Joey. But for the most part he is the cool, calm and collected type. He likes to let his shredding do the talking. And if you haven’t had the chance to share a ride with him you should if you get the chance. Fast and loose, that’s his style. And if you happen to catch him on a trail with some nice jumps, this kid has no problem getting his bike airborne and enjoys racking up the frequent flyer miles. We will see what this season holds in store for him as he is planning on getting his first downhill bike together before the start of the season. He has been riding all of the big DH courses on a trail bike so it will be interesting to see how big the improvements will be on a beefier frame and the extra suspension travel. Needless to say he is super stoked on getting his hands on his new race machine and testing his own limits. Once we get his 2015 Banshee Darkside all built up we’ll have a follow up with him and his initial impressions and a look at his bikes build.

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